Zoom Teeth Whitening

Professional bleaching of your teeth with immediate and long lasting results.

Your teeth may have become stained or discolored because of smoking,certain foods and drinks like coffee ,red wine etc or because with the passing of time.

Creemers Dental Team offers you Zoom teeth whitening in just one session of 45 mins and the result is direct and amazing.

teeth might become up to 8 shades brighter.

We choose for Zoom Teeth Whitening, as Zoom is a professional method from Philips,that removes even the most difficult stains Fantastic result in one session. Long lasting Zoom often is used as complement cosmetic treatment with veneers and crowns.

The Zoom treatment goes as follows:
1) After professional oral hygiene /tartar removal 
2) The gums are protected 
3) A hydrogen peroxide based gel is applied on the teeth surface and by a special Zoom light oxygen is activated to enter the dentin and enamel and thus bleaching out stains and discolorations.
4)After treatment you will leave the clinic with a whiter and brighter smile and you are free to eat and drink Only must keep in mind to be cautious with coffee,red wine and strong colored foods for a few days.

Teeth Whitening or Veneers?

Teeth whitening brightens the teeth ,but does not correct cracks or chipped off teeth or when alignment of your teeth is not that perfect. Veneers are the solution and sometimes in combination with cosmetic treatment the results are simply flawless! The damage done to your teeth due to years of a smoking habit, drinking coffee and wine, can be corrected in just one visit.