Private Polyclinic of Oral and Dental Health


In the polyclinic building, a four storey building together with the ground floor, modern dentistry treatments, laser assisted dental treatments and dentistry applications requiring specialty (orthodontics, surgery, periodontology, implantology, etc) are carried out in collaboration with the esteemed specialists. In our polyclinic, all the children of between 0-15 age may have any and all operations regarding their oral and dental health.

We have a Children's Oral and Dental Health Specialist and a Maxillofacial Surgeon.

In September of 2013, the structure of the Private Oral and Dental Health Clinic opened a branch in a clinical adding Lantern. Our vision is to be a leading establishment in our sector with a perception based on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, team work, social responsibility, professional management mentality, conformity with technological developments and sharing.

Free Consultation

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