Dental Implant, made from titanium, is placed inside the jawbone in order to replace the functioning of tooth root.Dental implants are made from titanium since it is the only element in nature that is compatible with human tissue.Ground breaking dental implant applications offer permanent and natural solutions to you.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed when the pulp is inflamed because of damaged tooth and has lost its vitality.

The pulp is the space inside tooth that have tissues like blood vessels and nerves that keeps the tooth vital.

To have a root canal treatment is not painful, local anesthesia is administered during the treatment.

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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a process of restoring the hair that is lost as a result of genetic or hormonal conditions, drug usage, or an accident. In this process, the basic principle is to restore the hair while preserving the natural and aesthetic look of the hair.

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